Divide and Conquer. Which wolf will you feed?

I am just as afraid as anyone about what is going on in our world. My heart is shaken, my love and compassion for the people who are living in the midst of this madness is immeasurable, as so many of you share.  Love and prayers from millions continue to be sent around our planet for it is a world crisis. Yes I am scared.

But I am more afraid of what this is doing to normally beautiful, caring and compassionate people around the world, especially on social media. Each time I see a post that is shared that is obliviously painfully racist or anti-anyone, my heart is more shaken. This is escalating the violence, everyday someone is being assaulted because of this hate we are perpetuating against each other that is being driven by the media including social media. Each time an innocent person is hurt the “enemy” wins.

For thousands of years the best war time strategy has been divide and conquer. Social media is doing exactly what the “enemy” wants us to do.  Transform fear into division. Each time we click “share” on one of these posts it creates a back lash of angry comments of both “for” and “against” the post. The fear and anger then heightens and our world gets a little more violent. Our self-righteous selves get to be a little more defensive and more angry. Then the world gets to be  filled with more of our righteous indignation as we “comment” and “click” from the safety of our homes; while each day there are men, women and children who are terrified beyond anything we could understand at this point who are the silent victims of this collective rage that is brewing.

Instead lets refuse to be a part of the propaganda, lets choose to only post love and compassion for others.  Let us refuse to comment our anger and simply either unfriend or block their posts, take a breath…. release our anger (trust me I have to work on this diligently ) and send light and love to them.  If you still believe something to be true if it is cloaked with hate or division PLEASE do not re- post.

I am constantly asking myself “Will this add to the violence or will this possibly helps even one person shift towards a more loving, compassionate state of being.”  Hate breeds more hate.  We are human and when we are frightened it is easy to hate, but that is not what our world needs right now.

Its time we all RISE UP with our hearts instead of our fear.  Social media is part of the microcosm that is creating the macrocosm of hate in our world. If we want change we must be the change no matter how much we are afraid.

Choosing not to share “hate” one post at a time can be that change. Please let us check in with our hearts before we click “share” or comment in rage or anger. Let feed our love and compassion. Each time we do.. love rises just a little and hate dissipates in our world. Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther understood this on a soul level. Lets let their example be where we start.

Mother Teresa Quote’s “If you judge people, you have no time to love them. “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

I will end with a story I first heard from my mentor and teacher Debbie Ford







96 hours without power, what would our ancestors say?

The last 96 hours without power left me with plenty of time to reflect.  I do have a generator so I certainly did not go without water or power to my fridge and freezer like so many.  It became very tiring though to lug the heavy gasoline jugs to and from the gas stations and there was the fumes, ohhh those gas fumes that give me such painful sinus headaches.  It was very hard planning ahead to leave for town because I had to make sure the generator had run for a few hours before and then run home as soon as possible to start it again.  And of course I had to bring my laundry into the Laundromat.  As I sat and lamented one evening at all the inconveniences I was experiencing I could not help but think of our ancestors.

Who only a few decades ago did not even know what electricity was, and even after it was invented most could not afford such a luxury.  I thought of the women who lugged heavy buckets of water from the wells and filled up bath tubs for the whole family to wash in.  How they would lug water, heat it on the stove to hand wash all the clothes! They certainly whore the same clothes more than once!  How the whole family ran to the outhouse and would think it such a waste to use so much water to flush a toilet.  How they would have to cut and store huge chunks of ice in the winter to over summer to keep things cold in the ice box.  How instead of having our meat in the freezer like we do today they had to hunt regularly to keep fresh meat on the table and learn to pickle and salt the rest to preserve for the winter.

I am sure if their spirits could communicate with us they would simply shake their heads in disbelief at how we have become so over privileged that we get so frustrated by having to live without electricity  for 4 days. I am sure they would say our priorities are way off!

I also thought about the future generations and my prayer is that my great-grandchildren will someday be sitting around a table laughing at this time in history when they had such wasteful ancestors who ran wires all around the world and got frustrated when the wind blew them down!  A time when we used dangerous and toxic fossil fuels and built nuclear power plants to generate electricity in those wires.

“How crazy that generation was” they will say.  That they will have finally let go of the madness and will all have their own wind and solar generated wireless connections to their environmental conscious homes.  They will have learned to eat clean whole foods once again and will live in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.  They will look back at this time in history as a time of greed and temporary insanity!  To my future great grandchildren please forgive my over privileged life and the crazy legacy my generation left you!



Explore Dream and Discover!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover!”   Mark Twain.

As I wrote this today I am taking in this message little deeper these days. I have chosen a course change in my life that feels really good and now feel that I am ready to allow the trade winds to take me in whatever direction is best.

We often get caught up in the storms of life and get set adrift and our first response is to find a safe harbor.   A safe harbor is important for much needed rest and renewal but like the old proverb says : ”You can’t prevent birds of sorrow from flying overhead but you can stop them from building nests in your hair” No nests here!!

Spring is on the way (yes I know it does not look that way :) ) there is something in the air feels like the earth is getting ready for new growth.  When I feel this stir I know that it is time to set sail and step out of my comfort zone again.

My life is always evolving and changing and for the most part I love the journey.  My soul has always needed to continue to grow and learn.  Fear holds me back at times but I am learning to simply move with the fear and make it my ally.

I started a new journey and feel confident that I am ready for the next evolution of my life.  What is stirring in you? What new journey are you ready for? Don’t allow fear to hold you back, just bring it along! Are you willing to set sail and leave the safety of the harbor? As Mark Twain says maybe it is time to  “Explore, Dream, Discover” once again!

sail boat

Whole fast foods. How to prepare fast whole foods for on the run.

Here on a rainy  windy day is the perfect opportunity to share with you how I prepare foods for those days that I do not have “time” and need to grab something quick.  I have eaten mostly whole home-cooked foods for over 25 years now.  Yes there have been times when I got away from this but all to quickly my health suffers.  It does not take long before I make the switch back and feel so much better as a result.

Over the years I have developed many ways to make life easier on those days that I hardly have time to eat let alone cook. The number one excuse I hear all the time is “I do not have time to prepare whole foods”.  Even though I do not work full-time hours all the time, because of what I do, there are time when I will work 40-60 hours in 3 or 4 days so I have learned to be prepared.

Here is one secret for me that is to do things all at once at least 1 day a week. I begin right after breakfast putting all things in soak that I need for the week.  This week it is walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chickpeas and black beans.

I soak all nuts and seeds for at least a couple of hours and then rinse with cold water and then put them in a dehydrator get crunchy again.  This is because of the enzymes that coat most nuts and seeds make them really hard to digest for a lot of us.  Soaking them takes that all off and after they are dehydrated again I put them in glass jars in the fridge and voila instant satisfying fast foods that I can add to my instant organic oatmeal or throw a few in a green smoothie that I can drink on the run.

The beans I soak all day and at night before I go to bed I put them in slow-cookers ( I have 2)with a Tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper and an onion, and in the morning they are done!  I then take 30 min to prepare meals like this week black bean burgers and hummus and freeze in single portions. I also freeze beans or chickpeas alone and find they are wonderful to throw on a salad for some extra protein when I am in a big hurry. My freezer is the key! :)

Also it really helps when I buy groceries to take an extra 15 min to wash all my vegetables, wash and spin dry my lettuce so that everything is ready at a moments notice for preparing.

Each night I take 5 min and prepare 2 quarts of herbal infusions that are packed with more vitamins and minerals then in most over the counter vitamin pills and so I have enough for 2 days.  I drink one quart per day 6 days a week.  Today I prepared Nettle and Oat Straw.

For me all this takes about 1 & 1/2 hours a week as much time as  3 – 30 min television shows to have most of my food prepared for on the run. You can watch TV while you do this if you just cannot miss your shows. :)

This is my counter this morning. I put a frozen black bean burger to thaw right in the frying pan. When it was time for lunch I turned on the stove to heat the burger while I made a salad and when it was finished I put the burger on one slice of whole grain bread with a glass of nettle tea and voila a very nutritious lunch in 5 min.

I believe we are worth the time and our body will love us.  What can you do this week that can incorporate healthier habits into your busy schedule?












Reinventing and Refocusing my Business!

Interesting day, week, month, summer.  It has been awhile since I last wrote.  I have been revisiting my life a lot and just recently started going to our Local Farmers Market to sell some Natural Skin care products and even a natural ECO friendly cleaner.  I knew after this summer that I had to move more into creating whole change in me.

I was focusing too much on my weight and as predicted I gained more.  :) I have known for many years that  my weight up or down was not the problem.  It finally has started to make sense that I am being guided  to reinvent and refocus my life.  I am even changing the name of my company so it all feels fresh.   Right now my company name is Sacred Sharing and although I love this ( and will remain as the name of the women’s circles) , where I need to go comes from a new direction and one morning on the ground meditating on the sunrise I heard the name very clear.  MYSTIC SUNRISE

Each day as the sun rises we get another chance to reinvent our lives!  The mystery of each new day is powerful! It is pregnant with new and exciting possibilities just waiting to be birthed! I have spent a lot of time the last few years concentrating on one single thing and that was my Integrative Coaching business.  I love coaching and will continue supporting women to  reinvent and refocus their lives! But something was missing,  I was leaving a huge part of me out that I needed to look at first.   I have such a creative side that has been stagnant for too many years and has been blocked by this single focus.  My health issues were all in this area the second chakra of the body.  Creativity is a huge part of being a woman.  We all need to give birth whether it is children or ideas.

The plant world once again brought me back to myself but this summer in a deeply profound way.   I love herbs, I have used them for most of my adult life but in more recent years have begun to study them more actively as well as make my own herbal medicine, salves and skin care products.   I realized at my core I have always tried to live as simply and as ECO friendly as possible.  I have been so out of integrity with this passion of mine for too many years now and it was affecting my health and well being.

MY NEW MISSION STATEMENT FOR MY BUSINESS: To empower and inspire myself and people back to the simplicity of nature.  To continue learning so as to provide the healthiest alternatives to today’s chemical based products.  Educate and teach others about natural and ECO friendly choices.   Together we can create a more sustainable and healthier world for the next generation.

Mystic Sunrise; here is to new beginnings!  It is never too late to reinvent ourlives!  What do you need to give birth to?  Today is a great day to begin!

flowers 2

The privilege of being who we really are. A fresh new Perspective.

Very powerful summer, lots of ah ha moments!  Our sons and their families were in our home this summer for a week, all 12 of us including 7 grandchildren.  There is no better mirror to see yourself through than your family.  I saw some things that I did not like, mostly beautiful things I loved and all of these gave me another opportunity to grow and understand them and myself.  They both are amazing men, who have grown and chosen perfect partners that help them grow more every day.  What a privilege to have a family willing, honest and open enough to go to the deeper places to grow where most people are afraid of.  It is not always easy for the most part but it is the path we have all chosen.  What a privilege and honor to be a part of this family.

This summer also revealed more shadows with my body. There is a place in me so resistant to letting go of my weight.  As I return once again inward I found a fresh new perspective to carry me through the next phases of my life.  Mary O’Malley has this wonderful quote that I have been meditating on this summer “What is in the way is the way”.   So I have changed my perspective once again to something fresh that allows me to turn towards my food addiction and begin to let it show me the way.  I stopped the resistance and as I turn back and face it with curiosity and compassion, slowly once again a new path of discovery is being revealed.

One of my greatest “ah ha” moments this summer was one particular day when I was totally in pure bliss (for no reason other than being alive) I realized that this feeling I had had before a couple summers ago when I had spent the summer gathering plants and making infused oils, tinctures and medicinal herbs for tea.  On that day I realized that I had spent allot of time again this summer doing the same thing and  this is one of my passions I don’t  allow myself enough and is truly part of who I am.  When I do more things that light me up they balance out the challenges and struggles so that I feel more present to everything and everyone including the challenges.

Finding joy even amidst the ebb and flow of life often comes from doing the things that light us up and fill us with joy, things that bring us back to ourselves, you know…. who we really are.  We often get caught up in struggles and forget who we really are and what we already know.  I love this time in my life and the struggles ARE the way, they are here to show me the way back home to myself.  “The privilege of a life time is being who you really are” Joseph Campbell.  THIS PRIVILEGE IS A CHOICE I WANT TO MAKE MORE OFTEN.  What lights you up that you are not doing enough?


Summer Hiatus

Summer is here and I have not written in a while in my blog,  Just letting you know that I am only taking a summer hiatus but as always lots of opportunities are happening for evolutionary growth!  I am excited to share them with you the wonderful insights that are coming through and will connect with you again in August!! Enjoy your summer!


paul gillian 006

Struggling with what is.

Interesting that one of the more profound quotes of Carl Jung  “what you resist persists” is becoming my mantra these days.  Still struggling with some health issues I am in this constant tug and pull out of my center.  I feel so out of balance because of it so of course I eat more unconsciously and move less. Pretty sure I have put on some weight but again I am aware more than ever that I am resisting my circumstance and this week I have realized it is time to surrender and just be with “what is”. It is time to find the life lesson here and hear what my body is so desperately trying for me to teach me. Life is not always easy and for most of us it is a wonderful flow and ebb of the tide and of course there will be times when we are in struggle.

For some magical reason I got in my mind this week I wanted to walk a labyrinth.  I love different meditation practices and because I have had a hard time getting up early enough to meditate on the ground every morning these days I thought a walking meditation would help move me through this resistance.  SO that is what I did! I built a small classic labyrinth made out of sticks of wood right in my front yard.  I feel there is an answer here and look forward to hearing it in the silence of the walk.


Learning to be the observer

The past 2 weeks have been difficult but very useful.  It started off when I began to not feel well, I had no energy or ambition.  I managed to do only what was needed but nothing more, I was not prepared or organized and so it began a perpetual cycle of eating what I could grab, eating things that were often not way healthy which created more ill health and more low energy etc.  This is an old cycle, and no matter how things have changed in my life I easily slip into old patterns when I am not feeling well.  I love how this time I have stayed conscious enough with this journey to learn.  I have learned another layer and that is part of being organized and prepared enough that when I am not feeling well or when life becomes very busy and chaotic that I will be prepared better.  Life will always give us challenges but it is how we show up and what we do with them that counts.

Glad to say I feel more connected today and I will concentrate on moving forward again.  Learning to be the observer in our lives instead of being the critic is the most powerful gift we can give ourselves. When we give up the old story of blaming others or ourselves we are free to make changes that empower us.

self reflection

Week 6. Making a commitment to our future selves from the classroom of our past.

I asked a question recently on  my private FB page

“If you could share wisdom with yourself 10 years ago what would it be? What commitment to your future self-10 years from now do you need to make?”

This is my answer. “I would share with my 10 year younger self that I did not have to put so much pressure on myself. I was so busy trying to figure out life and understand it all. I would invite her to relax and enjoy the mystery and that I could love all who she was and is; both her light and her dark. I would let her know she could simply trust the process of life. I would like to commit to myself in the future that I will learn to listen to my body more fully so that in 10 years we will have integrated the intuition of both my mind and body.”

I think it is good to reflect every now and again on our past, not in any way to cultivate guilt or regret but to forgive ourselves and most importantly learn from the past. I believe our past holds some clues for our future.  We can find great treasures in the past as long as we simply observe and learn.  We are our own greatest teacher if we are willing with love and compassion to reflect on our lives. Then if we listen with our hearts we will understand Maya Anglo’s wonderful quote “When we know better we do better”. If we are willing to learn from our past we can create a wonderful future. <3