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A love letter from God.”My beloved daughter”

Today’s Blog entry is a poem that I wrote a few years ago and I felt once again it was time to share it.  This is for all women.  This is an invitation to remember who we are.  Although for me I call my higher power God this is intended for everyone what ever your spiritual path is and how ever you experiance your higher power.

“My beloved daughter, on the day you were born all of heaven rejoiced for another little girl was placed on the earth.  Your tiny cry was only a glimce of the glory you hold inside.  Your eyes are filled with all the glory of the ages for when you were conceived I kissed your soul and placed in your heart all the wisdom and graces that you will need in life.  My kiss is your protection for your sacrededness cannot be harmed in any way.  Inside your tiny body houses the information to grow and blossom into a princess and then into a queen.  Your body, mind and soul are of my creation , you are as perfect today as you were on the day of your birth.    I grieve when the world forgets your sacrededness; the cost of free will can sometimes be painful.  Although there will be times when even you forget at the hands of others how precious you are,  remember my beloved this world needs your sacred essence, and no one here on the earth can ever harm your soul.  This belongs to me and my kiss can heal all wounds no matter how deep.  Love is the answer and although at times love seems so distant or not even possible, it is only because it has been forgotten by the woundedness of this world.  There is a way to remember for inside your precious sacred body and mind lies the answers.  Be still and remember, be still and ask, be still and listen, be still and believe, be still and honour your temple, be still and honour your essence, be still and know that I am here.  In the stillness you can remember my kiss and be filled with the healing power of my creation.  I knew you before you were even conceived and I have placed you on this earth for a reason.  My beloved your feminine power is strong and passionate and has the ability to heal the world.  I created both male and female in my image and both are needed to fulfill the healing mission of this world.  Your sacred feminine has been lost and now is the time to reclaim and stand in the truth of who you are, a women, a queen, a healer and a true lover to all.  Together both as kings and queens you can evolve into the essence of love that can reach all corners of the earth and bring the message of forgiveness and love.  But first my beloved it begins with you.  Remember my Kiss

Much love God.” 

Divinely inspired, Written by Joyce Boudreau.

This poem inspired me to write my memoir that I call “Beloved Daughter”.  The book is about my 50 year journey to find value in myself as a women after suffering abuse as a child. I call this my shadow journey. Most importantly it is a transformational story which I was able to change my story into a celebration of life. My intention for writing this is to share the amazing way in which we all can truly close the door on our past and find lasting forgiveness. This book is available in electronic eBook form.  I also have a private FB page for those of you who would like to share or discuss the book.  Let me know and I will send you an invitation.  Click below to purchase.

Are you excited to get up in the morning?

I have many things that create joy and excitement in me, spending time with loved ones, hearing my grandchildren’s giggle, coaching, gardening, yoga, qigong, walking, dancing, writing, cooking and eating great food and lately wild crafting! 

This was not always the case however.  There was a time when I was caught up in life’s craziness and also the many resentment of my past.   I was so concentrated on doing, doing and more doing that I never understood “being”.  I understand that a lot of us love our distractions and our resentments.  Yes for the most part we love our resentments.  For if we can resent someone, whether it a partner, a co-worker, our boss, a neighbour, some organization or politician we get to play small and stuck.  It is convenient to blame outside ourselves for our unhappiness or discontent.  

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes they are heavy for sure, even those times have beauty when we choose to surround ourselves with love and support by reaching out.  For today though I am referring to everyday life when we are constantly complaining about all the reasons why we cannot be excited!

It begins with a grateful and forgiving heart then we can see life differently! It is amazing how much energy can free up when we do!

Find something to get excited about, a child’s smile, a sunset, that fact you can breathe!  Do that “thing” you have wanted to do forever!  Choose to look at people differently today, open your heart and see they all have a story, we all do and drama is most often self induced and not necessary.  Find ways to breathe into today’s challenges and be thankful for an opportunity for the choice to look at them differently!  

Choose to get excited about your life! Yes it is a choice! What is your choice?

What are our feelings trying to teach us?

 I really find this past week so interesting.  Although I must admit I watched 2 TV shows one afternoon, for the rest of the week the silence began to work its magic.  I squirmed and struggled with all the thoughts and feelings that went around and around, fear of change, sadness of things I had not wanted to think about in a while and other times excitement of the possibilities of change.   

Feelings are those things that many of us run from.  As we are growing up and on in adulthood things happen and we often teach ourselves not to feel.  That is why so many of us fill our lives with so many distractions, we don’t want to feel.  We have become a nation of anti depressants and addictions of all kinds. 

We don’t want to feel our emotions, yet our feelings can be our greatest allies if we chose to listen.  

Taking a journey into silence creates a flood of thoughts, emotions and feelings.  It becomes an awakening of sorts.  Feeling can become a catalyst for change.  When we embrace them and see them as good no matter what they become our teachers.  When they are allowed to teach us we no longer need to run from them or stay stuck in them.  

The beauty for me is that I feel more alive!  Even though it is hard at times the contrast is amazing and I am feeling a stir inside towards letting go of more of my self induced limitations.

Hardly any distractions have also allotted me time in the evenings for stepping more fully into my passion for herbs.  I have made an Echinacea tincture and a healing salve made from Comfrey, Calendula and Plantain.  How fun!  This has been a life long dream to make my own medicine!  

What can your feelings teach you this week?  Listen, journal and let your feelings tell you what it is you need to hear.

Who am I really?

Interesting question as I go into another week of my own inner process.  The first few days without TV or radio I slept so sound at night.  I enjoyed the silence this week but  interestingly enough ended yesterday with watching some TV!  I am curious today wondering what it was I was running from.  I am totally recommitted again as I look at this week and see the potential of this media fast has in store.  I realized after yesterday that I am getting ready for another shift.  How do I know this, watching TV was a clue to be curious.   A kind of gentle nudge that I am running from something.  

I am searching this concept of giving up who I think I am.  Obvious parts of who I am are dear to me, I am a woman with many roles such as mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, partner, coach etc.  All of those roles I genuinely love and accept yet there is so much more.  I am the thoughts and beliefs of who I think that I am. 

Many of our thought and beliefs are not our own.  They were simply passed down from our parents and caregivers and of course society itself.  Everyday we are bombarded with images and words that tell us who we should be!  There are so much more subtle and not so subtle messages that we simple accept as the norm.  That is why I love a media fast.  People ask me aren’t you afraid you will miss something important.  I love what Dr. Christina Northrup says that everything she needs to know someone always tells her.  I find this to be the case also. 

So much of my journey is looking at the thoughts and beliefs that make me who I think that I am. A fun example of this is I was at my grandchildren’s birthday celebration at a park this weekend and there where all kinds of chips. For years now I boost to everyone how I cannot simply eat a handful and set them aside.  Is this really true?  As an adult I have found this mostly true until now but is this set in stone?  I uncovered that until today I accepted this to be true so I avoid having chips in my home for the most part.  

This may be a very small example yet I am aware especially in this silent place about more thoughts and beliefs that I still fixate on.  I have changed a lot of beliefs over the years like “I am too old”  “to fat” “not smart enough” etc.  I am forever looking deeper for more falsehoods that I have perpetuated about who I am.  Can we be willing to look and see if what we believe about ourselves is really true?  Who am I really?