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“Every thought you have contributes to truth or illusion” Course of Miracles

I find myself at times struggling with thoughts about who I am or about others or even about events that are going on around me or in the world. I have come to understand for a long time now that I am not my thoughts. Our thoughts are just that, a creation of what has been long programmed throughout our lives. When we have the courage to become the observer of our thoughts we can find an amazing tool to recreate them and therefore our lives with endless possibilities. Our minds are so much like the computers of today. In an e-book called “Journaling for Self Empowerment” by John Robins I read that “we think 60,000 thoughts per day.” Most of these thoughts are the same thing over and over again just with different scenarios. We are programmed early on and most of that programming is not our own it has been passed down by many generations. Read the rest of this entry »