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A beautiful hermit’s legacy of living every moment fully present to life!

       An excitable little boy!

Just over a year ago we lost a neighbor and friend who will live on in our hearts as a reminder of what is truely important in life!  He taught me a lot in the short amount of time we spent together!

When we moved into a small little village over 15 years ago it was not long before I was hearing things about the hermit who lived on the hill on our road.  One day he stopped by and right away I saw this twinkle in his eyes that revealed a very deep soul, although when he opened his mouth it gave way to this series of expletives that made him sound like a pirate!  He talked harsh and sharp about some people he knew yet when he spoke about nature and his home and animals his heart opened wide and the words softened with the most tender loving voice and he became passionately fully present and alive!! Read the rest of this entry »

Guilt is a paradoxical word.

Guilt seems to be the ever ending feeling for a lot of people I chat with these days.  It brings about an never ending list of do’s and don’t, should haves, could haves, why’s and of course the never ending helping, caring and volunteering that takes over and becomes often a detriment to our health.  We have less and less time to relax our body and mind down and find ourselves at a steady peek of stress that seems to become the accepted new normal.

I find this to be true for most of us at some level but it seems to be truer for women and especially for mothers.  I talk to women all the time and hear this story over and over.  We get overly involved with our children and others and don’t even consider that we too need self care.  We also get caught up in past mistakes that give us a way of punishing ourselves that we somehow justify.   Read the rest of this entry »