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Simple pleasures of life!

Winter is here finally, the first part of January was odd to say the least with some days with the temperature as high as 15 C.  Now the normal -15 C makes more sense.  Although I have learned only in the most resent years to love winter as an adult this winter is beginning to slip back a bit to old memories of dislike.  It is not about the cold temperatures or the snow but it is about how little sun we have had all winter.  This begins to get me down.  I am sure I suffer a bit from SAD.  One of the things I have on hand and will start taking is Saint John’s Wort tincture, the sunshine herb. What is so special is that I gathered the flowers and made it this summer.  The tincture reminds me of summer and all the bright sunshine we had.   Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrate this moment!

Lately all you hear is New Year resolutions.  Although I am sure that for some this is something that is powerful and life changing,  but for most of us though it becomes a quickly passing phase of regrets and “should ofs” or “could ofs” and so on.  Like the enviable“first thing Monday morning I will start …….”.

Recently I was sent this wonderful message about instead of making new resolutions by wiping your slate clean take a moment of gratitude for the year.  Don’t be only grateful for all the wonderful things that is easy but also be grateful for all the hard things that taught us to be stronger to strive harder! Mostly be in deep gratitude for this “moment”.  The moment you are in right now as you read this! :)  Read the rest of this entry »

Get over yourself!

This holiday season I really over indulged much more this year then in past years.  Lots of reasons I found for doing this but mostly because I simply wanted to.  Much like a rebellious teenager I found myself eating chocolates and pastry and many many other goodies we associate with the Christmas season.  I have come to realize that my body cannot tolerate this kind of eating anymore and up until about 3 weeks ago I normally eat really well for the most part.  About a week ago though I found myself one morning in pain all over.  Every joint in my body hurt and I was exhausted!  I hit the preverbal tipping point of over indulgence!! Although I understand that to feel guilty is down right self destructive I found myself none the less feeling frustrated!   Read the rest of this entry »