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Hint of things to come!

Last night around 6:30pm I realized that it was still light out! I got so excited as I know that although it is still very cold (-7) spring is coming!  Also in the past couple of weeks I have noticed the flower and veggie seeds out for purchase! As an avid gardener these two signs literally give way to a shift for me inside.  I found this winter even though it was not long we had a lot less sun than last winter and I have felt down inside a bit more than usual.

I love the seasons and have shared how I follow their rhythm inward on a spiritual journey more and more as I get older.  Winter is a time of contemplation, a time to slow down and be still more. A time of reflection and introspection.  Spring for me is a time I feel an awakening, a time to start to till the soil of my life getting it ready for new seeds in the form of new plans for myself; it is time to step out of my comfort zone by taking action steps and for me this is with health and well-being and my career.  Both of these are my main focus at this time in my life.   Read the rest of this entry »

“Mountain out of a Mole Hill”

Remember this quote that some of us heard as a child and maybe even passed on to our children.  In early childhood sometimes it is to hard to process painful situations no matter how small or large. So as children even those times when a simple disappointment might send us into drama overload!

It is very apparent today that many of us adults have that same tendency. We are still sweating the small stuff!  During a few days of the month I still find myself standing by these mole hills that I could simply stepped over but I still insist these little hills are way to big to climb and have to make sure everyone around me knows. Read the rest of this entry »