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Let Japan’s beautful example be our wake up call!

The crisis in Japan is bringing back our focus on Honour.  I heard it said last night that it is not just compassion that the people of Japan are demonstrating but honour, something here in the West we have lost sight of a generation ago.  Some of the words that are associated with the definition of the word honour.  “Personal integrity, respect, dignity, source of pride, moral character or strength, or adherence to ethical principle”.

This topic has left me pondering this word.  The fact is that this horrific crisis is reminding the world what honour looks like, people are not only helping each other but they are honouring and respecting each others property. They are not taking ownership of anything but sharing the resources without any personal agenda attached.  People’s homes are left unlocked with signs outside inviting strangers in to fill their water jugs.  Others are coming home to find food and water left on their door steps anonymously. Read the rest of this entry »

One thing I know for sure I will and do make mistakes.

One thing I know for sure is I do and will make mistakes.  Sometimes they are small and on occasion they are big.  Just this week I made a whopper.  It was one of those weeks when life hands you a whole lot , I was emotionally and physically burned out and was not as mindful I would be normally! There are wonderful lessons we can learn by being humbled from time to time.

Normally I know better to write anything in this kind of condition but I did anyway. I usually take better care of myself during times such as these but ignored my inner wisdom.  I had my normal period of regret along with beating myself up and finally today I found the lesson and realized I had to let it go.  Once again I learned to better listen to my inner voice when it is telling me I need rest instead of work.   Read the rest of this entry »