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Dare to shake up your day, just a little!


Do you ever ask yourself “why do I feel so flat or blah inside today”?  Or maybe you have challenges going on right now and you feel as though you have lost yourself.   I know how this feels and I have learned to be creative when I need that shift inside.

Sometimes we need to take simple but drastic measures to shift out of our day-to-day mind numbing routines.  When we do it brings us back to ourselves!   Dare to step out of the box you have created.  Find ways throughout your day to have fun and do something self-nourishing.  It may be to stop what you are doing and crank up your favorite tune and have a private dance party all by yourself! You know the saying ‘Dance like no one is watching!”  (one of my personal favorites) .  Even if you have to sneak into the bathroom at work and plug-in your iTunes!   Find a way to move your body that is fun and different from you are used to.  Take a 5 min laugh break, have a joke book under your desk and read a few or watch a really funny video, (watch the video on my daily practice page of the baby laughing) Make your favorite cup of tea in a fun mug that you never use, you know the one that is way in the back that you give to special guests.  Make sure you do something that is out of the ordinary and fun each day.  It only takes a few moments to shake your day up in a positive way.  You are worth it, who knows what this will create inside you.  I have found the more I do this the more everything around me changes.  These maybe baby steps back to yourself but in time what I have found is I uncover more and more of my authentic self and then these lead to ways of creating lasting and powerful changes!! Dare to shake up your day!

Live on Purpose!

Businesswoman shouting her victory to the world


To live is not just to survive, but to thrive with passion, compassion, some humour and style.”
Maya Angelou

What words of wisdom from a woman who is such an inspiration for us all!  This New Year started off with a few challenges but as I have learned there are always gems of wisdom to be found when we are willing to look for them!

For me I am learning to embrace all of life!  This is what living life on purpose is! Not to simply survive but to thrive!! Most of us reading this have lived more than half of our lives.  We have loved, learned, laughed, cried, we have been hurt , lashed out, we have hated, felt guilty, felt deep joy and passion, and much more.  All of it is perfect! Why?…. because it has brought us to this moment! It is not about having a perfect life, it is about living fully the one we have!  No matter what circumstance we find ourselves in there is always a way to find the gift in it.

My New year is about living more fully in the moment and no matter what is going on around me to find ways to thrive!!! After all the best is yet to come!


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