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Are you stuck in the past?

How do we truly let go of our past.  This is not an easy question to answer but I have learned along the way that most of the time  it is about allowing all of our feelings to surface and filter through us.  The only way I have learned to do this is through the wisdom of the heart.  I have learned a lot of academic knowledge like many of us over the years and yet I have discovered however educational and enlightening this is, knowledge is limited.  Through Shadow work I learned that our freedom is through the wisdom of the heart.  “What you cannot feel you cannot heal.”  This is why so many of us are stuck in the past holding onto old feelings,beliefs and emotions that dictate how we are in the world and especially how we relate to others.  When we bury these we effectively dam our life force that eventually becomes stagnant.

Because of the many challenges and losses in life we tend to harden and shut down to living whole heartedly.  This is because we are frightened of been hurt again and therefore we refuse to be vulnerable or even worse see vulnerability as a weakness. Being vulnerable is not the same as being a victim.  When we fall into our stories by blaming others for our circumstances and choose to be miserable that is being a victim.  Being vulnerable is one of the most courageous acts in life.  Being vulnerable means there is nothing to hide, we will risk failure and heartbreak again and again, we will play full out no matter what we have been dwelt or what our present circumstance is. We are willing to allow all of our feelings to flow through us by being fully present to what is!

At this stage in my life I want more than anything to life full out, I believe this is possible for all of us but it takes practice and willingness.  Both of these elude me from time to time but I get reminded and step right back on the path.  I still have lots more to learn from my heart and I have discovered more questions than answers.  My heart has taught me that the questions are the answers.  I guess this is what the mystics and saints call “living in the mystery”.   I have spent enough time in the first half of my life accumulating knowledge and now I want to silence my mind more and open my heart wide to its wisdom.  I believe this is where we allow the flood gates of life to flow at full strength!

I recently listened to a Ted talk by Dr.Brene Brown who has a PHD in Social Work. In this talk she speaks to living whole heartedly how it is directly linked to being vulnerable.  This is worth the time to listen.  ENJOY!