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Struggling with what is.

Interesting that one of the more profound quotes of Carl Jung  “what you resist persists” is becoming my mantra these days.  Still struggling with some health issues I am in this constant tug and pull out of my center.  I feel so out of balance because of it so of course I eat more unconsciously and move less. Pretty sure I have put on some weight but again I am aware more than ever that I am resisting my circumstance and this week I have realized it is time to surrender and just be with “what is”. It is time to find the life lesson here and hear what my body is so desperately trying for me to teach me. Life is not always easy and for most of us it is a wonderful flow and ebb of the tide and of course there will be times when we are in struggle.

For some magical reason I got in my mind this week I wanted to walk a labyrinth.  I love different meditation practices and because I have had a hard time getting up early enough to meditate on the ground every morning these days I thought a walking meditation would help move me through this resistance.  SO that is what I did! I built a small classic labyrinth made out of sticks of wood right in my front yard.  I feel there is an answer here and look forward to hearing it in the silence of the walk.


Learning to be the observer

The past 2 weeks have been difficult but very useful.  It started off when I began to not feel well, I had no energy or ambition.  I managed to do only what was needed but nothing more, I was not prepared or organized and so it began a perpetual cycle of eating what I could grab, eating things that were often not way healthy which created more ill health and more low energy etc.  This is an old cycle, and no matter how things have changed in my life I easily slip into old patterns when I am not feeling well.  I love how this time I have stayed conscious enough with this journey to learn.  I have learned another layer and that is part of being organized and prepared enough that when I am not feeling well or when life becomes very busy and chaotic that I will be prepared better.  Life will always give us challenges but it is how we show up and what we do with them that counts.

Glad to say I feel more connected today and I will concentrate on moving forward again.  Learning to be the observer in our lives instead of being the critic is the most powerful gift we can give ourselves. When we give up the old story of blaming others or ourselves we are free to make changes that empower us.

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