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The privilege of being who we really are. A fresh new Perspective.

Very powerful summer, lots of ah ha moments!  Our sons and their families were in our home this summer for a week, all 12 of us including 7 grandchildren.  There is no better mirror to see yourself through than your family.  I saw some things that I did not like, mostly beautiful things I loved and all of these gave me another opportunity to grow and understand them and myself.  They both are amazing men, who have grown and chosen perfect partners that help them grow more every day.  What a privilege to have a family willing, honest and open enough to go to the deeper places to grow where most people are afraid of.  It is not always easy for the most part but it is the path we have all chosen.  What a privilege and honor to be a part of this family.

This summer also revealed more shadows with my body. There is a place in me so resistant to letting go of my weight.  As I return once again inward I found a fresh new perspective to carry me through the next phases of my life.  Mary O’Malley has this wonderful quote that I have been meditating on this summer “What is in the way is the way”.   So I have changed my perspective once again to something fresh that allows me to turn towards my food addiction and begin to let it show me the way.  I stopped the resistance and as I turn back and face it with curiosity and compassion, slowly once again a new path of discovery is being revealed.

One of my greatest “ah ha” moments this summer was one particular day when I was totally in pure bliss (for no reason other than being alive) I realized that this feeling I had had before a couple summers ago when I had spent the summer gathering plants and making infused oils, tinctures and medicinal herbs for tea.  On that day I realized that I had spent allot of time again this summer doing the same thing and  this is one of my passions I don’t  allow myself enough and is truly part of who I am.  When I do more things that light me up they balance out the challenges and struggles so that I feel more present to everything and everyone including the challenges.

Finding joy even amidst the ebb and flow of life often comes from doing the things that light us up and fill us with joy, things that bring us back to ourselves, you know…. who we really are.  We often get caught up in struggles and forget who we really are and what we already know.  I love this time in my life and the struggles ARE the way, they are here to show me the way back home to myself.  “The privilege of a life time is being who you really are” Joseph Campbell.  THIS PRIVILEGE IS A CHOICE I WANT TO MAKE MORE OFTEN.  What lights you up that you are not doing enough?