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Reinventing and Refocusing my Business!

Interesting day, week, month, summer.  It has been awhile since I last wrote.  I have been revisiting my life a lot and just recently started going to our Local Farmers Market to sell some Natural Skin care products and even a natural ECO friendly cleaner.  I knew after this summer that I had to move more into creating whole change in me.

I was focusing too much on my weight and as predicted I gained more.  :) I have known for many years that  my weight up or down was not the problem.  It finally has started to make sense that I am being guided  to reinvent and refocus my life.  I am even changing the name of my company so it all feels fresh.   Right now my company name is Sacred Sharing and although I love this ( and will remain as the name of the women’s circles) , where I need to go comes from a new direction and one morning on the ground meditating on the sunrise I heard the name very clear.  MYSTIC SUNRISE

Each day as the sun rises we get another chance to reinvent our lives!  The mystery of each new day is powerful! It is pregnant with new and exciting possibilities just waiting to be birthed! I have spent a lot of time the last few years concentrating on one single thing and that was my Integrative Coaching business.  I love coaching and will continue supporting women to  reinvent and refocus their lives! But something was missing,  I was leaving a huge part of me out that I needed to look at first.   I have such a creative side that has been stagnant for too many years and has been blocked by this single focus.  My health issues were all in this area the second chakra of the body.  Creativity is a huge part of being a woman.  We all need to give birth whether it is children or ideas.

The plant world once again brought me back to myself but this summer in a deeply profound way.   I love herbs, I have used them for most of my adult life but in more recent years have begun to study them more actively as well as make my own herbal medicine, salves and skin care products.   I realized at my core I have always tried to live as simply and as ECO friendly as possible.  I have been so out of integrity with this passion of mine for too many years now and it was affecting my health and well being.

MY NEW MISSION STATEMENT FOR MY BUSINESS: To empower and inspire myself and people back to the simplicity of nature.  To continue learning so as to provide the healthiest alternatives to today’s chemical based products.  Educate and teach others about natural and ECO friendly choices.   Together we can create a more sustainable and healthier world for the next generation.

Mystic Sunrise; here is to new beginnings!  It is never too late to reinvent ourlives!  What do you need to give birth to?  Today is a great day to begin!

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