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Whole fast foods. How to prepare fast whole foods for on the run.

Here on a rainy  windy day is the perfect opportunity to share with you how I prepare foods for those days that I do not have “time” and need to grab something quick.  I have eaten mostly whole home-cooked foods for over 25 years now.  Yes there have been times when I got away from this but all to quickly my health suffers.  It does not take long before I make the switch back and feel so much better as a result.

Over the years I have developed many ways to make life easier on those days that I hardly have time to eat let alone cook. The number one excuse I hear all the time is “I do not have time to prepare whole foods”.  Even though I do not work full-time hours all the time, because of what I do, there are time when I will work 40-60 hours in 3 or 4 days so I have learned to be prepared.

Here is one secret for me that is to do things all at once at least 1 day a week. I begin right after breakfast putting all things in soak that I need for the week.  This week it is walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chickpeas and black beans.

I soak all nuts and seeds for at least a couple of hours and then rinse with cold water and then put them in a dehydrator get crunchy again.  This is because of the enzymes that coat most nuts and seeds make them really hard to digest for a lot of us.  Soaking them takes that all off and after they are dehydrated again I put them in glass jars in the fridge and voila instant satisfying fast foods that I can add to my instant organic oatmeal or throw a few in a green smoothie that I can drink on the run.

The beans I soak all day and at night before I go to bed I put them in slow-cookers ( I have 2)with a Tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper and an onion, and in the morning they are done!  I then take 30 min to prepare meals like this week black bean burgers and hummus and freeze in single portions. I also freeze beans or chickpeas alone and find they are wonderful to throw on a salad for some extra protein when I am in a big hurry. My freezer is the key! :)

Also it really helps when I buy groceries to take an extra 15 min to wash all my vegetables, wash and spin dry my lettuce so that everything is ready at a moments notice for preparing.

Each night I take 5 min and prepare 2 quarts of herbal infusions that are packed with more vitamins and minerals then in most over the counter vitamin pills and so I have enough for 2 days.  I drink one quart per day 6 days a week.  Today I prepared Nettle and Oat Straw.

For me all this takes about 1 & 1/2 hours a week as much time as  3 – 30 min television shows to have most of my food prepared for on the run. You can watch TV while you do this if you just cannot miss your shows. :)

This is my counter this morning. I put a frozen black bean burger to thaw right in the frying pan. When it was time for lunch I turned on the stove to heat the burger while I made a salad and when it was finished I put the burger on one slice of whole grain bread with a glass of nettle tea and voila a very nutritious lunch in 5 min.

I believe we are worth the time and our body will love us.  What can you do this week that can incorporate healthier habits into your busy schedule?