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96 hours without power, what would our ancestors say?

The last 96 hours without power left me with plenty of time to reflect.  I do have a generator so I certainly did not go without water or power to my fridge and freezer like so many.  It became very tiring though to lug the heavy gasoline jugs to and from the gas stations and there was the fumes, ohhh those gas fumes that give me such painful sinus headaches.  It was very hard planning ahead to leave for town because I had to make sure the generator had run for a few hours before and then run home as soon as possible to start it again.  And of course I had to bring my laundry into the Laundromat.  As I sat and lamented one evening at all the inconveniences I was experiencing I could not help but think of our ancestors.

Who only a few decades ago did not even know what electricity was, and even after it was invented most could not afford such a luxury.  I thought of the women who lugged heavy buckets of water from the wells and filled up bath tubs for the whole family to wash in.  How they would lug water, heat it on the stove to hand wash all the clothes! They certainly whore the same clothes more than once!  How the whole family ran to the outhouse and would think it such a waste to use so much water to flush a toilet.  How they would have to cut and store huge chunks of ice in the winter to over summer to keep things cold in the ice box.  How instead of having our meat in the freezer like we do today they had to hunt regularly to keep fresh meat on the table and learn to pickle and salt the rest to preserve for the winter.

I am sure if their spirits could communicate with us they would simply shake their heads in disbelief at how we have become so over privileged that we get so frustrated by having to live without electricity  for 4 days. I am sure they would say our priorities are way off!

I also thought about the future generations and my prayer is that my great-grandchildren will someday be sitting around a table laughing at this time in history when they had such wasteful ancestors who ran wires all around the world and got frustrated when the wind blew them down!  A time when we used dangerous and toxic fossil fuels and built nuclear power plants to generate electricity in those wires.

“How crazy that generation was” they will say.  That they will have finally let go of the madness and will all have their own wind and solar generated wireless connections to their environmental conscious homes.  They will have learned to eat clean whole foods once again and will live in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.  They will look back at this time in history as a time of greed and temporary insanity!  To my future great grandchildren please forgive my over privileged life and the crazy legacy my generation left you!