My name is Joyce Boudreau and I received my certification through the JFK University in 2007 at the Ford Institute in California in three models of coaching; The Best Year of Your Life; Blueprint; and Spiritual Divorce. The Ford Institute was founded by New York bestselling author Debbie Ford

I have a Diploma in Ministry from St. Francis Xavier University.  I also completed an in-depth course called Psychology of Eating taught by author Marc David founder of the Institute for the Phycology of Eating.  Most recently I have published my autobiography in a book titled Beloved Daughter  that is available now in an electronic version at eBookit Click here. To read more about the book Click here

I am 51 years old and beleive this is the best time of my life! I live in Nova Scotia Canada with my husband.  My goal is to continue to grow, learn ,evolve and culivate openess for new adventures.  My  passion is creating a safe, compassionate space to guide women back to living life more authentically and fully present. I also learn so much from each and every woman I work with.

I love walking on the beach, gardening, wild crafting local medicinal herbs, watching sunsets and sunrises, the crisp fresh morning air, the sounds and sights of nature.  Outside is where I constantly finds metaphors for life.  I am very connected and inspired by the plant world.  I am  the proud mom of two amazing grown men, and three daughters by osmosis and a grandmother of 7.

Life is so much more sweeter now that I have found peace from my past and I want to teach and inspire women my age to find their true north!  We are meant to be in the prime of our lives, let us inspire each other to live it fully!

My greatest credential is that I am willing to walk the talk, not perfectly as Michael J. Fox says

“I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection, Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God’s business”.

God Bless, 


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