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How do you want to spend this next year of your life?







Recently I found myself falling into some old negative beliefs again, along with some old patterns of behavior. Feeling frustrated and disappointed in myself I decided to go for a walk. I was walking along a small rural road, busy in thought when I looked ahead and instantly seen the stop sign ahead. For that moment in time I felt a little jolt, as though I was being reminded to “stop” and shift my thinking and simply be present to what was surrounding me. I smiled and reminded myself to lighten up and breathe. Suddenly I was aware of the beautiful white and grey trunks of the bare hard wood trees, the majestic evergreens filling in the spaces in between, chickadees flitting from branch to branch and the fresh scent of the morning. Where was this a moment ago; lost in the thoughts of the past. Read the rest of this entry »

The dandilion’s message of renewal!

“It’s a new dawn, a new day and a new life” I cannot get that song out of my mind this morning.  It speaks of the promise of renewal each and every day! That is what I feel every spring. I feel that now that spring is officially here I need to clear out my garden beds and make room for new plants and seeds.  This is also a time for me to wake up the creative energy by planting and cultivating new thoughts and ideas, but first I need to pull out and examine the thoughts and patterns that are in the way! Read the rest of this entry »

Hint of things to come!

Last night around 6:30pm I realized that it was still light out! I got so excited as I know that although it is still very cold (-7) spring is coming!  Also in the past couple of weeks I have noticed the flower and veggie seeds out for purchase! As an avid gardener these two signs literally give way to a shift for me inside.  I found this winter even though it was not long we had a lot less sun than last winter and I have felt down inside a bit more than usual.

I love the seasons and have shared how I follow their rhythm inward on a spiritual journey more and more as I get older.  Winter is a time of contemplation, a time to slow down and be still more. A time of reflection and introspection.  Spring for me is a time I feel an awakening, a time to start to till the soil of my life getting it ready for new seeds in the form of new plans for myself; it is time to step out of my comfort zone by taking action steps and for me this is with health and well-being and my career.  Both of these are my main focus at this time in my life.   Read the rest of this entry »

Simple pleasures of life!

Winter is here finally, the first part of January was odd to say the least with some days with the temperature as high as 15 C.  Now the normal -15 C makes more sense.  Although I have learned only in the most resent years to love winter as an adult this winter is beginning to slip back a bit to old memories of dislike.  It is not about the cold temperatures or the snow but it is about how little sun we have had all winter.  This begins to get me down.  I am sure I suffer a bit from SAD.  One of the things I have on hand and will start taking is Saint John’s Wort tincture, the sunshine herb. What is so special is that I gathered the flowers and made it this summer.  The tincture reminds me of summer and all the bright sunshine we had.   Read the rest of this entry »

Inspired and Healed by the Rhythm of Mother Nature.

For over 25 years I have been using mild medicinal herbs for me and my family.  I was lead to their use after both of our sons become very ill as toddlers with asthma.  I read and researched a lot and also switching to a very natural diet of whole foods they became very healthy and remained so.  Back then all natural had a very different connotation then today.  For one thing it was not a fade word and people such as myself were seen as either hippies or granolas.  Which by the way I have an amazing homemade granola I used to make for my family! : )

I have also decided this year to study and collect herbs for my personal use.  Until now I have relied on my Naturopath to purchase and guide me and trust me I still do but I have always wanted to wild craft my own herbs and I have started this spring!  There is no greater healer than what God has given us naturally.  With each passing day I have learned that to heal my body, mind and spirit means to tap into the intuitive nature of Mother Earth and all her abundance.

I love being out doors, nature has always provided me a safe haven to find a bit of peace.  

Living in Nova Scotia provides me with 4 seasons to enjoy.  Each season seems to be such a gift.  The summer is usually a time for me to slow down somewhat and inside I feel nourished with the sights and sounds that surround me.  Fall with its color and crisp air has a feeling for me to reorganize and plan. Fall is a time for me to enjoy the harvest of my veggies and of my life.  It’s so funny for many years I hated winter.  Now that I have learned to accept winter more I feel a kind of stillness set in as the cold air arrives that brings a very deep contemplative feeling that I now love.  And when spring arrives I feel a stir for new growth and creativity!  This is where getting my hands in the earth has always given me a connection that is hard to describe unless you are a gardener!

As I fully step into spring this year I am reminded once again how much we are in rhythm with nature and how our great grandparents knew this on the deepest level.   When we understand just how interconnected we are with the earth we can find inspiration and healing from her beauty and bounty everywhere. 

Please take this time to pray for a quick solution to the oil spill for we all must be much better stewards of our world!