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Relationships can be the greatest mirrors for seeing ourselves.

We often find ways to blame others for our unhappiness in life for it can be and often will be difficult at times.  The most obvious place is to blame those who are the closest to us that have hurt us along the way.  Some of us blame our parents for our unhappiness today or maybe an ex that hurt us along life’s path.  Only when we are willing to step back and see all of our relationships as wonderful teachers that give us opportunities to grow we can then find peace, contentment and love in our lives today.In my marriage of 32 years it took me many years to unfold and uncover all the layers of anger and pain from my childhood.  My dear husband and I married when we were mere children.  I was 18 and he was 21. We both were escaping from childhood pain and in our naive youthful ways we thought that we could find refuge in each other.  It took many years of inner work, exploring and letting go of many projections from our childhoods that somehow in the end we have remained together and still very much in love today! Read the rest of this entry »