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Whole fast foods. How to prepare fast whole foods for on the run.

Here on a rainy  windy day is the perfect opportunity to share with you how I prepare foods for those days that I do not have “time” and need to grab something quick.  I have eaten mostly whole home-cooked foods for over 25 years now.  Yes there have been times when I got away from this but all to quickly my health suffers.  It does not take long before I make the switch back and feel so much better as a result.

Over the years I have developed many ways to make life easier on those days that I hardly have time to eat let alone cook. The number one excuse I hear all the time is “I do not have time to prepare whole foods”.  Even though I do not work full-time hours all the time, because of what I do, there are time when I will work 40-60 hours in 3 or 4 days so I have learned to be prepared.

Here is one secret for me that is to do things all at once at least 1 day a week. I begin right after breakfast putting all things in soak that I need for the week.  This week it is walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chickpeas and black beans.

I soak all nuts and seeds for at least a couple of hours and then rinse with cold water and then put them in a dehydrator get crunchy again.  This is because of the enzymes that coat most nuts and seeds make them really hard to digest for a lot of us.  Soaking them takes that all off and after they are dehydrated again I put them in glass jars in the fridge and voila instant satisfying fast foods that I can add to my instant organic oatmeal or throw a few in a green smoothie that I can drink on the run.

The beans I soak all day and at night before I go to bed I put them in slow-cookers ( I have 2)with a Tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper and an onion, and in the morning they are done!  I then take 30 min to prepare meals like this week black bean burgers and hummus and freeze in single portions. I also freeze beans or chickpeas alone and find they are wonderful to throw on a salad for some extra protein when I am in a big hurry. My freezer is the key! :)

Also it really helps when I buy groceries to take an extra 15 min to wash all my vegetables, wash and spin dry my lettuce so that everything is ready at a moments notice for preparing.

Each night I take 5 min and prepare 2 quarts of herbal infusions that are packed with more vitamins and minerals then in most over the counter vitamin pills and so I have enough for 2 days.  I drink one quart per day 6 days a week.  Today I prepared Nettle and Oat Straw.

For me all this takes about 1 & 1/2 hours a week as much time as  3 – 30 min television shows to have most of my food prepared for on the run. You can watch TV while you do this if you just cannot miss your shows. :)

This is my counter this morning. I put a frozen black bean burger to thaw right in the frying pan. When it was time for lunch I turned on the stove to heat the burger while I made a salad and when it was finished I put the burger on one slice of whole grain bread with a glass of nettle tea and voila a very nutritious lunch in 5 min.

I believe we are worth the time and our body will love us.  What can you do this week that can incorporate healthier habits into your busy schedule?












One thing I know for sure I will and do make mistakes.

One thing I know for sure is I do and will make mistakes.  Sometimes they are small and on occasion they are big.  Just this week I made a whopper.  It was one of those weeks when life hands you a whole lot , I was emotionally and physically burned out and was not as mindful I would be normally! There are wonderful lessons we can learn by being humbled from time to time.

Normally I know better to write anything in this kind of condition but I did anyway. I usually take better care of myself during times such as these but ignored my inner wisdom.  I had my normal period of regret along with beating myself up and finally today I found the lesson and realized I had to let it go.  Once again I learned to better listen to my inner voice when it is telling me I need rest instead of work.   Read the rest of this entry »

Get over yourself!

This holiday season I really over indulged much more this year then in past years.  Lots of reasons I found for doing this but mostly because I simply wanted to.  Much like a rebellious teenager I found myself eating chocolates and pastry and many many other goodies we associate with the Christmas season.  I have come to realize that my body cannot tolerate this kind of eating anymore and up until about 3 weeks ago I normally eat really well for the most part.  About a week ago though I found myself one morning in pain all over.  Every joint in my body hurt and I was exhausted!  I hit the preverbal tipping point of over indulgence!! Although I understand that to feel guilty is down right self destructive I found myself none the less feeling frustrated!   Read the rest of this entry »

Guilt is a paradoxical word.

Guilt seems to be the ever ending feeling for a lot of people I chat with these days.  It brings about an never ending list of do’s and don’t, should haves, could haves, why’s and of course the never ending helping, caring and volunteering that takes over and becomes often a detriment to our health.  We have less and less time to relax our body and mind down and find ourselves at a steady peek of stress that seems to become the accepted new normal.

I find this to be true for most of us at some level but it seems to be truer for women and especially for mothers.  I talk to women all the time and hear this story over and over.  We get overly involved with our children and others and don’t even consider that we too need self care.  We also get caught up in past mistakes that give us a way of punishing ourselves that we somehow justify.   Read the rest of this entry »

Making Friends with your Fear.

 Fear is one of those words that even sound ominous!  This human reaction to some of life’s more benign circumstances can often be traced to a younger memory when some of us were taught to be afraid of everything.  As children we could interpret this to mean that the world was a scary place. “Don’t touch that you will get hurt” etc.  And of course these things were taught often by loving parents who wanted us to be protected.  Some of us had good reason to be afraid in our childhoods, yet the more I live my life from another filter of faith, fear although has not disappeared from my life seems to have taken on a different light.

Fear is of course one of those emotions that we need especially when our life is in danger, when we get that “gut feeling” that something is not right.  This fear we need to listen to more!  The strange thing is that we listen to that kind of fear less! The fear I am talking about today is another kind, the kind that comes up when we are out of our comfort zone. 

When we think of something we would love to try and just never get around to it for it seems way too different or too difficult! I heard it once said that all of this kind of fear really stems from fear of being embarrassed.  We don’t want to do things that are different for we may fail or look foolish.  This can be so paralyzing so we end up each and every day doing the same things over and over again until we go through our days completely on auto pilot.  We live a cookie cutter life that looks good on the outside but we feel empty on the inside.  

How often have you climbed into bed and can’t really remember the day for it seems like a blur? 

I meet more and more people who are stifled and stuck, frustrated with their lives yet are unwilling to do something different.  We live in a world of the “poor me” syndrome.  Albert Einstein says it best!“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Our body, mind and soul need to be simulated on a daily basis! I have learned better to be embarrassed then to stop trying. I make it a point each and everyday to do something different, and I have discovered that the more I am willing to change the more alive and present I am during the day!  Check in with your fears, are they real or are you just afraid of failing or looking stupid? Dialogue with yourself, a little bit of fear is good before we begin something new!  

It really does not need to be huge, only new and different.  Step out of your box today!   If we are willing to start small then in time change becomes the norm and fear is a friend that you can simply embrace.   

We can be our Own Best Friend

Last week I realized I had drifted away from the routine and structure of my days.  There is a real joy working from home but it does come with challenges.  My husband spends a couple of months away at work and this leaves me with time on my hands that would normally be filled with his company.  As a result I find myself floating when he first leaves.  I am conflicted with the excitement of some alone time again and missing him.  So I tend to eat and watch more TV than I like and fall away from exercising regularly.  Because I have come to know my patterns, I then realized that I need to put in structure again and create accountability by reaching out to friends. All these help bring me back to productive days that are much more balanced.

It was a wonderful gift I discovered in being my own best friend. Through journaling and the stillness of prayer and meditation I have come to know and except my inconsistencies and my neurosis as part of who I am.  Just as I would with my close friends I gently remind myself without beating myself up to find a way back to my authentic self.  Because I have spent the time healing and understanding me I now make those adjustments and fall back into those things that nourish my body and soul once again.   I make sure they are structured in everyday when ever possible.  Then every part of my life becomes in balance once again.  I stay present to my day and find I am so much more productive and energized!

These are some of my favorite things to do. Being still in prayer, going out doors early mornings and doing Qigong barefoot.  Walking in mother nature and let her teach me patients and kindness with metaphors, stretching my body with yoga and eating nourishing food!  Going in my hothouse and tending my plants. Listening to my body! I have lunch with friends and every now in then I create a beautiful ritual eating a meal alone with fresh flowers and setting the table with my favourite dishes!  Even cooking meals for myself can take on a sacred and holy feel. 

These things remind me once again that because the Dvine is in us and all around us that we have all the love we will ever need inside. We can be our own best friend by taking good care of ourselves and only when we learn this lesson are we truely capable of loving, giving and supporting others with great joy and balance!