If you have forgotten how to belly laugh, let this precious baby remind you. We were born with it!

Find ways to laugh everyday




Walking and sitting meditations. Although there are many ways this is taught, for me it is about a connection with Mother Earth. Nature has always inspired, comforted, and calmed my soul. It is where I take a deep breath in and let go of the stress with my exhales. When I walk in meditation I often have a word or mantra that I say over and over to help let go of my thoughts and worries of the day. Sometimes it is simply thinking “I breathe in love and exhale peace”. I then concentrate on each step feeling the earth support each foot. I take in the sounds and beauty around me and often my senses wake up to deeper colors, sounds and aromas.  This is a much different and more conscious way of walking then when I walk normally at a brisk pace for cardio. . Then there is a sitting meditation that I love to do outside on the bare ground!  This has become so powerful to me.  There is a lot of research today that says that connecting with the earth directly is very beneficial for our bodies.  It is called “earthling”  Of  course here in Nova Scotia this is only during the summer and fall months but even in the winter I take a chair and sit by the woods in a very sacred circle that my hubby and I created and quietly feel what nature can only do.  I can do this sometimes for an hour or more and it feels like only a min. My body and mind calm, my thoughts become less jumbled and clearer and finally still.   When I am still like this  long enough magic happens unlike any other method of meditation for me.  I get to witness and be apart of the landscape and the feeling is indescribable.  This by far is my favorite method of mediation. I invite you to find a favorite path or spot and be more mindful on your next outing.  Allow nature to inspire and calm your soul in new and powerful ways.  Namaste



healthystyle-spotlight-spirituality           Reflection at the end of the Day. I was taught the importance of reflecting on the day at night before I went to sleep. Often it is easy to go over all the things we are feeling bad about or the things we could have done differently. Although I believe this practice can be good it is important to not dwell in the negative for then it becomes just another way to beat ourselves up.  Instead, reflect, forgive yourself and then set an intension to do differently the next time. Then LET IT GO. Lighten up on your self!  Lastly think of at least 10 things that you feel good about, make sure you remember  to laugh.  Let the last thoughts before you drift off to sleep be positive and light hearted.  Life gives us lots of opportinity for challanges, we don’t need to create more for ourselves. When we are forgiving and compassionate with ourselves and are able to laugh at the end of each day; we are able to be more loving and present with others each new day. Below is a fun short video that shares how to meditate for 1 min.  Great beginners guide.  Meditation can be a wonderful practice both in the morning and in the evening after your reflection.