How do you want to spend this next year of your life?







Recently I found myself falling into some old negative beliefs again, along with some old patterns of behavior. Feeling frustrated and disappointed in myself I decided to go for a walk. I was walking along a small rural road, busy in thought when I looked ahead and instantly seen the stop sign ahead. For that moment in time I felt a little jolt, as though I was being reminded to “stop” and shift my thinking and simply be present to what was surrounding me. I smiled and reminded myself to lighten up and breathe. Suddenly I was aware of the beautiful white and grey trunks of the bare hard wood trees, the majestic evergreens filling in the spaces in between, chickadees flitting from branch to branch and the fresh scent of the morning. Where was this a moment ago; lost in the thoughts of the past.

It takes a lot of courage to live life to the fullest. As we get older it is so much easier to fall into the same old patterns. A Lot of us have had years of default ways of thinking and doing things. For most it is falling into the same negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others. Then of course we get to be right about our mediocre lives while trying our best to surround ourselves with others who think the same so we get to be comfortable and miserable together.

Truly living means getting uncomfortable sometimes, it means always being open to new ideas and concepts. It is about being willing to do things differently than before even when we are afraid. It is about learning something new often. It means having friends who will not commiserate with us but challenge us to step out of our story and write a new chapter. It is about living more in the moment and taking in the beauty around us. It is about finding out what lights us up in the morning and allows us to give birth to the creative chapter of our stories. It is about loving and forgiving ourselves and others and most importantly letting go of the past.

This is a paraphrase from an amazing teacher and author Mary Morrissey…. Very few people LIVE to 90 years old; most people live the same year over and over for 90 years……

How do you want to spend this next year of your life? The same as the last or in a creative new adventure! It is a choice.

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