Sharon McErlaneI is another amazing woman who found herself on a journey she could have never anticipated! I had a similar experience 3 years ago and in recent months have joined the grandmothers in hope of carrying on this vision here.  read more at  this website.

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I had known Carol for many years before we became friends.  She was a member of our church and met her often in our community. Over 12 years ago a friend and I decided to create a women’s group. I had participated in many retreats by that time and had really come to value the support and wisdom of other women in group settings. At that time I had a few women in mind but Carol was not on thelist. I felt I did not know her well enough.  I knew we would be doing guided meditations and sharing deeply in this group and I chose women who were familiar to these kinds of practices.  For some reason though Carol kept coming to my mind and  would not go away.   Finally I asked a mutual friend to invite her and the rest is history.

At that time Carol and her husband had suffered the worst kind of loss, their daughter had been killed in a car accident.  Retrospectively, God knew she needed support and knew we would have a treasured gift of friendship in one the most amazing women I have met.She fit into our group like a glove and we soon learned this women was a force of nature.

Yes she was grieving but her heart remained open to give to others like I have rarely seen in another person.

Yes she will tell you that in resent years she had to learn to care for herself also but her true nature is to love and support others.  I have witnessed over and over Carol giving and supporting people with life challenges.    Whether it is through her work as a personal care worker or a neighbor in need. She  also loves to nourish others with her home cooking, having been the recipient of her delicious soups on a few occasions when I was ill.

Another amazing thing about this 63 year old woman is how she is a fearless renovator, she loves to tear down and rebuild.  Her creativity is matched with her determination. She is small in stature and strong in heart, will and might! When something or someone is in need it is done!  She is so passionate about life, she loves, her family, her friends, her community and her work. I have come to love this dear woman who is an amazing reflection of humanity at its best.