Movement – what it has come to mean in my life.

boudercove scarf dancing (2)After I published my last blog, I have to admit, I had a lousy week. Instead of feeling relieved, I panicked and well… ate.  Ate (what I now call) my emotion dulling foods.  I indulged in this for a few days and now I’m over it.  The greatest gift I give myself these days is understanding and self-forgiveness.  Now, on with my journey.

In the last few months, I have become fascinated and curious about this word, “movement”. Here is one definition: “an act of changing location or position”.  After a lifetime of taking this for granted, I’ve realized how much this word has come to mean for me.  After my knee injury, I was stagnant and sat around for months on end.  Of course, I did my daily chores but I spent way more time sitting or lying down than standing or moving my body in any way.  We’ve all heard the studies indicating that “sitting is the new smoking”.

All that being said, I have come to intuitively know that it’s much more than that for me and, I suspect, for some others. Lack of body movement has dulled my emotions and my enthusiasm for life; it’s even more effective than over-eating!

So, over the last while, I have begun moving more, both physically and emotionally. I realized, during all that time sitting, how emotionally disconnected I had become – even when I was moving more.  My most important focus is now one thing: health and wellness.  I believe I have always understood it but, as I shared before, I was not utilising the wisdom in my heart much in the past few years, which speaks to me in every moment.

I have made a commitment to move my body several times a day. Because of my health issues (which I will no longer speak of very often because I do not want to give them space in my mind (lol)), I am very limited as to what I can do – which, for the past couple of years, is why I felt sorry for myself and consequently did nothing!  Thus, the reason I have so many more issues today.

I am doing my chair yoga, qi-gong and, most importantly, dancing everyday. I am also doing other exercises as recommended to me by my physiotherapist, but I want my life to have more fun, so dancing, for me, is that FUN!

I have also committed to doing more journaling, so to move my spiritual journey again. I am embracing gratitude everyday and laughing more!  I want to know myself intimately, in a way I have never known.  I am now willing to embrace my fears and doubts with curiosity and look forward to landing in a new and deeper place of knowing.

Everyday is about moving again, in anyway that I can. It’s time to feel deep emotions which, yes, is very vulnerable for me at times but it’s the only way out of this cage I have bound myself in.  It’s time to change locations in my body – from living mostly in my mind, to living in my heart.

Here is to a new and an incredible adventure in the New Year. I wish you all a glorious and happy New Year that is filled with all kinds of positive life-giving movements!!




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