To Live an ordinary life in Extraordinary WAYS! 

To have a fun journey into body and mind awareness using humour, inspiration in nature, ageless wisdom.

 Most importantly learning to listen to our intuitive inner voice.

I have been a lifelong student of higher awareness, always striving to reach deeper and higher levels of awakening.  To feel more passion, and peace in my life!  Even though I have achieved more of these in recent years I also know at times I still have a tendency to take life way too seriously!  For the most part I am happy in my life. Now I am ready to focus more on my body; to become a better listener to its wisdom and to work on having more fun.  I still hold on to access weight and it is creating health problems.  I am ready to concentrate more fully on my body and getting healthier.  Most women my age and older are ready for this!

We want healthier bodies, less drama and stress, more joy, passion and PEACE!

I have learned to seek inspiration in the simplicity and beauty of nature. I have studied wisdom from many contemporary and historical spiritual teachers.  I have learned the art of “being”.  I have even allowed myself to be silly and have an occasional belly laugh every now and then. I smile a lot more these days! One of my favorite meditations is called the Smiling meditation by one of the great teachers of our timeThich Nhat Hahn.  He simply teaches us to say

Breathing in I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile.”

One of my mentors and teachers Debbie Ford has this saying “Knowing is the booby prise!”    I hear my mother’s words growing up “you know too much for your own good” Umm I think she had something there!!

I am committed now to follow this intuitive pull.  Every day I will practise deep listening to my inner guidance that I hear clearer in silence.  For me this time will be about body awareness. 

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities” Jean Houston

This is about waking up to a richer level of life.  I am a Shadow Coach and what I teach is embracing the dark and the light with love, compassion and of course with a sense of humor.  I believe that this journey is an evolutionary one.  To reach higher and deeper to “authenticity” one precious moment at a time! To uncover and integrate with self-love one shadow at a time!! 

Join me on the journey of awakeing. What ever your intutiuve need for change is guiding you to do, join me for the ride and most importantly if you are like me to

“Lighten up, get over ourselves”

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